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What is Astronomy ?

Generally Falak is a field of study on the position, passage, movement, description and the phenomenon of celestial bodies like stars, the sun, the moon, planets and other objects visible to us in this universe.
Astronomy Division of Selangor Mufti Department.

Part Falak Selangor Mufti Department

The idea to create this website has been driven by the concern about the need for the sharia astronomy knowledge to be spreaded and its position upheld by Muslim society today as it did in the glory days of Islam.

The main goal of this website is to spread astronomy knowledge that is centered on the Qur'an and Sunnah towards the creation of international relations in this area through cyberspace.

The main target of this website in its effort to develop the knowledge are the students of secondary schools, tertiary institutions, government and non-governmental bodies that are directly involved and those who are interested.

This website serves as a platform to disseminate information relating to astronomy to the general public who need it. Welcome to the website. May ALLAH bless you.



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