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Library Department

Selangor Mufti Department provides a Library as a reference place. It is open to all officers and employees of the Mufti Department only while the public is only allowed to make reference. The Library of the Selangor Mufti Department was established in February 1999. It contains a variety of reference materials such as books in Arabic, Malay and English, fatwa books, a collection of newspaper clippings, magazines etc.

Book Borrowing Regulations

  • The books at the Library of the Selangor Mufti Department can only be borrowed by the officers and staff of the Department.
  • The maximum number of books that can be borrowed at a time is 3 only.
  • The books borrowing period is 14 days.
  • For the general public, students / graduates or parties who wish to make a survey, they must submit a letter of application from the relevant institutions to confirm that they are the students of the institution.
  • The library is open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Monday - Friday). It is closed during public holidays.

Reading Materials

Religious Books in Arabic

  • Islamic Fiqh
  • Commentary
  • Hadith
  • Ulumul Quran
  • Book of Turos (Antique)
  • Surof / Balaqoh Grammar
  • Marbawi Dictionary
  • Moral
  • Tauhid (Unity of Allah)
  • Book of Munjit
  • Islamic Da'wah

Religion Books in Malay

  • Tauhid (Unity of Allah)
  • Islamic Jurisprudence Fiqh
  • History of Islamic Civilisation
  • General Knowledge
  • Islamic Economics
  • Islamic Management
  • Islamic Da'wah
  • Quran Commentary
  • Contemporary Fatwas
  • Hadith Translations
  • Utusan Malay Dictionary
  • Malay-Arabic Dictionary
  • Journals-IKIM
  • Journals-UM
  • Journals-UKM

List of Academic Materials Publications


  • Selangor Fatwa – State of Selangor Government Gazette
  • Hadiths Selection – Towards the Development of Righteous Individuals
  • Solar Eclipse Phenomenon – Sharia Astronomy
  • At-Taqwa: Official Message of Selangor Mufti Department

Timetables and Calendar

  • Prayer Timetable for Zones Throughout Selangor
  • Annual Hijri Calendar


  • A Muslim’s Role In Da’wah
  • Concept of Sustenance in A Household
  • Cryings That are Allowed in Islam
  • Qur'an Moulds Noble Morals
  • Educating Children According to Islam
  • What Is A Fatwa
  • Brief Introduction of Selangor Mufti Department
  • Establishment of Sharia Astronomy
  • Islamic Administrative Legislative Enactment State of Selangor No. 2 and Syariah Criminal Enactment (Selangor) No.9 of 1995