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Maktabah Division


The division was created in early October 2002. It aims to make Selangor Mufti Department to grow in tandem with the progress of current information and communication technology.


  • Staff of the department to maximise the use of information technology in the work process.
  • Communities can learn and benefit by visiting the department's website.
  • Management and administration of the department can be improved by the use of information technology.


  • Manage the Department’s Resource Centre (Library) systematically to facilitate reference and research.
  • Provide timely and accurate information to meet the information needs of officers and staff.
  • Develop and provide printed source of information and multimedia.
  • Provide lending, reference and information services.
  • Develop and maintain applications and computerised systems related to management services in Selangor Mufti Department.
  • Provide information technology infrastructure in Selangor Mufti Department.
  • Plan and implement IT-related courses for employees.
  • Provide support services related to information technology to all the staff at the Selangor Mufti Department.