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  • Assist and advise the D.Y.M.M. Sultan and the State Government in matters concerning the affairs of Islamic law.
  • Conduct research on new issues that requires decisions.
  • Review and issue fatwas on issues that require clarification of Islamic law.
  • Determine and confirm the direction of Qiblah, observation of new moon, schedule of prayer times calendar and to conduct research and education on astronomy.
  • To advice and provide services in matters related to the Faith, Sharia and Islamic Morals
  • Explain and carry out fatwa education to the community with wisdom.
  • Conduct research and studies on the development of astronomy knowledge.
  • Giving advice on Islamic Law and Faith.
  • Develop, manage and improve information resources and Islamic legal affairs.
  • Manage and administer all matters relating to the administration, services, finance, human resource development and information technology.
  • Manage and develop human resources.