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Clients Charter

  • Respond to issues received within fourteen (14) working days.
  • Issue a call for an istitabah session (at least 1 session/month) within 5 working days prior to the session.
  • Perform official new moon observation and monthly on every 29th or 30th day of Hijri.
  • Perform the determination and verification of Qiblah direction not more than 12 working days after receiving the application.
  • Respond to clients queries or complaints about current issues related to Sharia law':
    • References Needed: 15 working day
    • Research Not Needed: 20 working days
    • Research Needed: 30 working days
  • Ensure that payment vouchers are prepared within seven (7) days from receipt of invoice.
  • Resolve clients complaints within two (2) weeks