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1. What is the difference fatwa and the fatwa?

Question: What is the difference of the fatwa and the fatwa?

Answer: Results Fatwa is the result of a law issued after seuatu conferences or discussions, whether at the state or national level. whereas the fatwa fatwa is gazetted by the state government.

2. When a discussion / Discussion held?

Question: When a discussion / Discussion held?

Answer: According to the needs and issues arising.

3. Is the e-Fatwa?

Question: What is e-Fatwa?

Answer :

1.e-Fatwa is a website that provides information on the decision of the National Fatwa Fatwa and fatwa was gazetted in states throughout Malaysia.
2.e-Fatwa updated by a technical committee consisting of officials in departments Mufti throughout Malaysia.
3.e-Fatwa can be accessed through the URL address http://www.islam.gov.my OR via websites Mufti Departments throughout Malaysia.
4.e-Fatwa is a web-based application developed by ICT Services Division.

4. What are the procedures to be carried out if there are parties who want to make an official visit to the Selangor Mufti Department or to Baitul Hilal contained in Selangor?

You can write to us stating the purpose, date, time, and number of visitors so that we can prepare accordingly.

5. What are the items that can not be brought to the Observatory?

Items prohibited by law. If you have brought food, ensure cleanliness of the guard and throw garbage in the bins provided. School bags and shoes should be placed on the shelves provided.

6. What is the appropriate clothing to wear while on tour?

Appropriate clothing is clothing that is not flashy and neat. Singlets, shorts and short skirts are not allowed at all.

7. Are visitors can bring their own equipment to perform the process cerapannya observations?

Can. We will provide insights and advice on the use of tools.

8. Are there facilities to pray at every Baitul Hilal?

Yes, there is provided a surau.

9. How does the application process Qibla Direction determination is done?

You can write to us stating your company name, address, date and time so that we can prepare accordingly.
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