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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between fatwa decision and fatwa?

Fatwa decision is a decision on a ruling issued after a conference or discussion (muzakarah), whether at the state or national level while fatwa is a fatwa decision that has been gazetted by the state government.

When is a discussion/Muzakarah held?

According to the needs and emerging issues.

What is e-Fatwa?

  • e-Fatwa is a website that provides Fatwa information i.e. the National Fatwa Decisions and fatwas that have been gazette in the states across Malaysia.
  • e-Fatwa is updated by the Technical Committee comprising the officers from Mufti Departments throughout Malaysia.
  • e-Fatwa can be accessed through URL address http://www.islam.gov.my OR through wbesites of Mufti Departments throughout Malaysia.
  • e-Fatwa is a web based application developed by the ICT Service Division.