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Selangor Observatory

Selangor Observatory is an astronomy research building which is fully operated by the Observatory Unit of the Astronomy Division, Selangor Mufti Department. It is located in Sungai Lang, Parit Baru, 45200 Sabak Bernam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The building overlooks the sea with a wide and clear scope of view with the mar’ie horizon where the sun sets in the area is at the azimuth of 200° to 296° and the visible area is up to Tanjung Lumba-Lumba in Perak. The building was built in the Sabak Bernam area because of the absence of pollution that may interfere with observation activities.

The building includes offices, exhibit space, car park, security booths, prayer hall and observation dome. The circular observation dome contains two refraction type telescopes to observe the sun, the moon, stars and all objects in the broad skies created by ALLAH.

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