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Sahibus Samahah Dato' Setia Hj. Mohd. Tamyes b. Abd. Wahid

Assalamualaikum W.B.T.

Praise be to Allah, the Almighty, peace and blessings upon Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam, who brought blessings to the whole world.

I am grateful to Allah for with His blessings and permission, the Selangor Mufti Department has successfully developed a website for the benefit of the Muslims in the state in particular and the entire internet visitors, no matter where they are.

In tandem with the progress in the sophisticated information and communication technology (ICT), where a generation that is able to obtain the latest information at their fingertips has been established, the Selangor Mufti Department has taken the initiative and responsibility to vary its communications approach and dissemination of accurate information and activities that are more transparent and faster, using the information superhighway.

It is hoped that visitors can access the site with wisdom, to raise current issues related to Islamic affairs. Hopefully it will be used by all walks of life who love truth, peace and harmony.

Thank you and wasalaam.

Sahibus Samahah Dato' Setia Hj. Mohd. Tamyes b. Abd. Wahid

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