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Management Services Division


In early 1999 the administration and finance matters have been fully exercised by the Selangor Mufti Department. The Division is responsible for managing the administrative, financial and personnel services matters of the Selangor Mufti Department.


  • All matters relating to the administration and management of the department are carried out efficiently and with quality in accordance with the prescribed policy and regulations.
  • The Department’s financial management and budgeting are carried out properly according to the prescribed rules and circulars.
  • Management services such as service books, courses / training, employment and pensions for department staff are constantly updated and managed properly and in accordance with current requirements.


  • Responsible for managing the Finance, Administration and Services matters of Selangor Mufti Department.
  • Manage the payment of salaries and allowances and other facilities to the officers / staff of the Selangor Mufti Department.
  • Prepare annual budget of the Department.
  • Manage the purchase of capital assets / inventories / office supplies and services of the Department.
  • Manage the preparation of bills payment vouchers / invoices for services / supplies purchased and allowances of Members of the Consultative Committee of Islamic Law (Fatwa).
  • Manage the maintenance of the Mufti’s / Departments’ cars and other capital assets / inventories / office supplies.
  • Collect revenue from courses conducted by the Department.

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